Toll Free: 800­-606-1888 | Ph: 410­-239-1888 | Fax: 410­-239-9363


Toll Free: 800­-606-1888 | Ph: 410­-239-1888 | Fax: 410­-239-9363

We’ve been involved in some Big Cover-ups. Before and after photos of Janney Paintings work.


Mine Foreman at Every Quarry Job

Quarry Sandblasting and Industrial Painting Work. Safety is extremely important to us at Janney Painting Inc. and it shows. Each one of our professional staff has been MSHA part 46 safety trained by our thorough in-house safety education program. Because we bring our own certified mine foreman to every quarry job, we complete your quarry sandblasting and painting work on weekends, minimizing downtime and saving you dollars. Janney Painting Inc, the preferred East Coast painting and sandblasting contractor.

Janney Bids Quarry Structures

Janney Painting, Inc. bids individual quarry structures. Want to know what it costs to sandblast and paint various quarry plant structures? Janney Painting Inc. will price out your individual conveyors, screen towers, crushers, and stackers allowing you to choose what and when you want to paint. Let us know if you would like us to bid your equipment out separately or if you would like a painting price for all of your quarry equipment. Janney Painting Inc. - safe, experienced, efficient quarry painters.

Janney Painting Checklist

  • Certified mine foremen.

  • All employees are MSHA trained.

  • Budget projections.

  • Let us bid your plant – we will bid each individual structure and each individual conveyor so you can pick and chose and budget your company needs for years to come.

  • We will bid every quarry your company has then create a paint budget based on your painting every 15 years.